DIAMONDS 101: What is Diamond Cut?

The term “Diamond Cut” refers not to the shape of the diamond, but how well the diamond interacts with the light.

It refers to how well the stone is faceted, proportioned and polished. Diamond cut is the most important of all 4Cs when it comes to the physical beauty of the diamond.

And then comes color, and the least important is clarity as long as the diamond has no visible imperfections. Important here, a cut grade is given to a round brilliant diamond only.

Cut grade ranges from excellent to poor, grades as excellent, very good, good and fair. On the other hand cut grade does not influence the cost as much as the other Cs.

So what I suggest is that stick within the excellent to very good range for a well-cut diamond. Look for high level of brilliance and fire and be willing to sacrifice in other areas like clarity or color to ensure an exceptional cut.

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