How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

Contrary to common belief, the cost of custom jewelry is not as high as you might think. In fact, here at Minimalist Designs, a myriad of custom jewelry is offered at quite affordable prices considering all the factors involved in their production. We ensure that your one-of-a-kind, personalized jewelry is just the way you like it and is worth every penny you spend. 

Before we discuss the cost of custom jewelry, let us clarify what custom made jewelry is.

What is custom jewelry?

Different from everyone else’s, uniquely yours.

Custom made jewelry has always been in demand for many years. There is no doubt it is so because in this way you may give your jewelry a touch of your individuality and elegance. 

So, what is it? Simply put, custom jewelry is a customized piece of jewelry. There are two ways you can create custom jewelry:

  1. Altering an existing piece of jewelry by adding custom elements.
  2. Creating a unique piece of jewelry from scratch with the help of your jewelry designer.

Custom jewelry such as a necklace, ring, or cufflinks can match your style and personality in an elegant form. You may spoil yourself with a piece of custom jewelry different from everyone else’s, uniquely yours. 

Moreover, custom jewelry is a great gift idea to make your beloved ones feel so special. 

Wondering how much custom jewelry costs? 

Man appraising jewelry

Custom jewelry has a little higher price than regular, manufactured types of jewelry. The reason is obvious: custom jewelry is a handcrafted and one-of-a-kind item. You might be wondering whether paying a little extra for custom jewelry is a wise choice. And indeed, in the long run, it is! It saves you the time and energy you would spend trying to find the jewelry you have in mind. 

After all, custom jewelry is designed to perfectly match the unique jewelry design choices in your mind.  That being said, our custom jewelry prices are calculated carefully before presenting the final products to you. There are several factors in determining the cost of your custom jewelry:

  • The material (metal) used for the creation
  • The intricacy of the design
  • The workmanship in the product
  • Gemstones used during the creation

Ways to Customize Jewelry

We have mentioned the two ways to own custom jewelry. Typically, larger pieces of jewelry like necklaces and rings are easier to customize while small pieces such as earrings can be difficult to customize.

Let’s break down the ways to customize your jewelry with Minimalist Designs to certain jewelry pieces. In addition, you will have access to more detailed information about the question “how much does custom jewelry cost?”.

Custom Rings

At Minimalist Designs, you can order customized rings like:

custom ring

Custom made 925 sterling silver monogram signet ring is engravable with any initial. It is available in various sizes such as small, medium, large, and x-large in 925 sterling silver. Metal customization is also available, such as natural sterling silver, gold-plated sterling (gold vermeil), rose gold-plated sterling (rose gold vermeil), and solid gold with 10k, 14k, and 18k options.

monogram ring

You may customize your own special monogram signet ring with your initials engraved. Plus, you are free to choose the metal as in gold-plated sterling (vermeil), solid gold, or rose gold-plated sterling (rose gold vermeil).


We make these one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry by handcraft and specially designed for you with great devotion and endeavor. 

You may customize the following characteristics on your ring:

  • Design and personalization
  • Material such as gold, silver, and rose gold  
  • Side and inside engraving
  • Style of relief such as embossed or engraved
  • Ring size
  • Face size

Custom Necklaces

An elegant necklace is by far the most complimentary item to achieve a delicate outlook. Why not add your own style and individuality to your necklace? At Minimalist Designs, we make unexampled necklaces that surpass expectations, including:

custom necklace

Custom made, 925 sterling silver disc family crest necklace, available for engraving with any crest, coat of arms, college logo, or any other image that you might request. This chic piece of jewelry is available in 925 sterling silver, gold-plated sterling (vermeil), and rose gold-plated sterling (rose gold vermeil).

  • Personalized tiny name necklace 

tiny name necklace

Custom made tiny name necklace is designed with your name or any initials of your request. It is an attractive choice for the ones looking for both personalized and plain jewelry. It is available in 925 sterling silver, gold plated sterling (vermeil) and rose gold plated sterling (rose gold vermeil), 14k solid gold, 14k solid rose gold, 14k solid white gold. 

  • Personalized gothic style name necklace 

gothic style name necklace

Reflect your style with a gothic name necklace designed for you. The pendant size is available in Small (0.5 inches), Medium (0.75 inches), and Large (1.2 inches). 

Plus, it is available in different material options: 925 sterling silver, gold plated sterling (vermeil) and rose gold plated sterling (rose gold vermeil), 14k solid gold, 14k solid rose gold, 14k solid white gold.

shield necklace

You can customize your necklace’s material, pendant design, pendant size, and engraving.

Custom Cufflinks

If you are looking for a way to add a classy touch to the plain cuffs of your shirts, our custom cufflinks are what you need. Our custom cufflinks include:

Custom made family crest cufflinks

Custom made 925 sterling silver cufflinks are engravable with any crest, coat of arms, college logo, or any other image that you request. They are available in 925 sterling silver, gold plated sterling (vermeil), and rose gold plated sterling (rose gold vermeil).

Personalized family crest cufflinks

You can personalize your family crest cufflinks as you like with different metal options, and any addition of your choice.

Custom made college cufflinks

You can customize the material, engraving, and size of your elegant cufflinks.

Why Buy Custom Jewelry?

There are thousands of jewelry pieces available at shops all around the world with a wide price range. Moreover, jewelry trends are altering in time. Then, you might ask why buy custom jewelry? 

First of all, custom jewelry pieces are timeless. They never fall out of trend because they are designed especially for you. Moreover, it may be hard to find what you look for among all the manufactured types of jewelry. Yet, by personally being involved in the customization of your own jewelry, you pay for what you asked for and get a sui generis piece of jewelry. 

We discussed the question “how much does custom jewelry cost?” Custom jewelry costs are affordable, and they make lovely gifts. You can celebrate special occasions like birthdays, engagement ceremonies, and anniversaries with a thoughtful present of custom made jewelry. 

Besides, you can make a perfect family heirloom from custom made family crest jewelry and leave a timeless trace for generations to come. 

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