How To Design Your Very Own Custom Family Crest Ring

It’s certainly much easier than what most people think about designing their own custom family crest ring. The key here is to know who can best do this for you while at the same time meeting your design requirements in perfect accordance with your expectations. 

So then, let’s talk about how to design your very own custom ring.

Where To Have Them Made

It does not take much effort or time to have the ring of your dreams meticulously crafted and safely delivered to your address. You could be involved in every aspect of the design of your ring from color to material and every detail that it will boast. 

You would not even have to prepare a digital artwork version of the design you’re looking for on your ring. Be it a signet ring to bear the pride of your family crest or the school you graduated from, all you need is to get in touch with Minimalist Designs and provide a short description of how you’d like your new ring.

The Most Precious Piece of Jewelry You Own

A solid gold or a sterling silver ring that is custom made and designed with your family crest on it can become the most precious piece of jewelry you own. But you may have wondered, is it just the value of the metal a ring is made of, which determines how precious it is? Or is the value determined by what it means to you? Let’s explain.

Many of us would enjoy an extraordinarily expensive piece of diamond set on the ring worn daily, but values differ from person to person, and remarkable percentages of people around the world value the meaning behind a piece of jewelry much more than the cost of that precious metal. 

Crests are a source of pride and cannot be traded, and they are costless when worn on the ring compared to a piece of gemstone.


  • Michael Ampadu

    I want the coat of arm of Ghana on my ring. Is it doable? You can download the coat of arm from Google.

  • Jeff Evans

    I would like to have a band style..“like a wedding band”.. 8mm family crest ring. Do you have anything like that if so please send pics.

  • James Duncan

    I would like to have one made with the Duncan family crest!

  • Charles .c Layton

    how do I get my emblem made ,I have a ?family crest

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