How to Measure Your Ring Size and Get His/Her Finger Size Secretly

Did you just come across a beautiful ring at an online store that has gripped your heart really bad? Are you planning on placing an order immediately? If yes, what’s the wait for? Go ahead and do it! Oh wait, you don’t’ know what your ring size is?

You don’t have to worry. You can easily measure your ring size. You can determine your ring size at home using different methods without having to leave home to visit a jeweler. However, before measuring your ring size at home, you should keep a few things in mind.

·        Consider Your Knuckle

Your knuckle is larger than the size of your finger. If you purchase a ring in a size that is exactly the size of your finger, the ring may not slide past the knuckle. Therefore, whenever you measure your ring size, don’t forget to consider your knuckle. Ordering a ring in half a size larger is the best trick!

·        Try Multiple Times

The size of the finger varies with different conditions. If you are cold, your finger size is smaller. When you are feeling hot, your finger tends to be more swollen. That’s why you should measure the size of your finger several times before finally settling on one.


Below are a few methods by which you can conveniently measure the size of your ring at home.

1.    Using a String or Floss

Simply tie a string or floss around your finger. Mark the point on the string where it meets the start. Use a ruler and note down the measurement in millimeters. According to standard ring sizes, every 0.4 millimeters indicate a half-size increment in ring size. For example, a size 3 ring is 14.1 mm and a size 3.5 equals 14.5 mm, and so forth.

2.    Using a Ring Size Chart

You can print out a ring size chart and place a ring that you already own on it to find what your ring size is. The circle on the chart that matches your ring would be your ring size.  

3.    Using a Ring Sizer

If you have your doubts with the above-mentioned manual methods, you can purchase your own ring sizer and measure your ring size accurately.



If you want to buy your partner a ring secretly, finding the right size can be a bit tricky. You can’t ask them to get their finger measured. What should you do in such circumstances?

  • If you can manage to get your hands on your partner’s ring, take it straight to the jeweler and get the size checked.
  • You can even use a printed ring size chart if you have a ring that they own.
  • If you have their ring, you can trace the inside of the ring on a paper. The jeweler can then determine the correct size.
  • You can take help from a friend of your partner. It would be easier for a friend to start the topic of ring size without ringing any alarm bells!

Finding the ring size is not difficult but a bit tricky. You just have to be smart about it!

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