A family crest or coat of arms ring is a signet ring with a family crest / coat of arms engraved on it. 

In the past, these rings were worn by powerful people and used for sealing. And if you believe that such symbols are only reserved for members of royal families, you are mistaken: ordinary men and women like us can have our own unique crest ring design that reflects ourselves or our family's past and present.

The symbolism in a family crest or coat of arms can reveal information about your ancestors' accomplishments and social status—a true testament to a family's legacy. In most cases, the family crest rings have engraved or raised symbols with letters, images, or specific symbols, with specific words representing the family's belief system, motto, or values on the top half of the rings. Today, family crest rings are mostly worn for their symbolic value.


A family crest is a part of a coat of arms, but it is not the entire coat of arms. The crest appears above the shield, usually on top of a helmet, on a coat of arms.

The crest can serve as a standalone symbol for the holder/family or as a shortcut to the coat of arms. Crests were printed or engraved on anything where the entire coat of arms would not fit, such as the handles of family cutlery, snuff boxes, rings, jewelry, bookplates, etc.

On the other hand, A coat of arms is a symbol that is used to identify individuals or families. It's a complex design that usually includes a shield, crest, helmet, motto, and other elements. The image as a whole or the crest as a simplified symbol can be used.


Family crest rings have a long and illustrious history.

  • As early as 3500 BC, the first evidence of an official seal was discovered in Mesopotamia. For authentication, the Mesopotamians carved icons into limestone and used signets.
  • Pharaohs and other powerful men began wearing rings with symbols carved into them to represent their status.
  • Ancient Greeks used signet rings made of ivory or easily worked stones like marble, selenite, or limestone as identification signatures, and the signet evolved from there.
  • Metals were introduced into societies during the Bronze Age, and the first metal signet rings were created.
  • Most European noblemen wore signet rings by the Middle Ages. They went out of style at the end of the Middle Ages, but by the 18th century, the signet ring had resurfaced as the preferred form of a seal.
  • Gemstones and ornate carvings were introduced into the signet ring in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • The signet ring has become a fashionable accessory in the twenty-first century.


This was once a male-only ring, but it is now worn by both men and women, symbolizing equality and modernity.

Moreover, women's family crest rings have received a lot of attention in recent years.The family crest ring is traditionally worn on the non-dominant hand's pinkie finger. So, if you're right-handed, the ring would be worn on your left hand's little finger. The family crest ring's quality will catch people's attention and ensure that you have a ring that will be passed down through the generations. 

By taking a modern approach to the family crest ring, you can wear it on any finger you want, depending on your mood, what feels comfortable, and the occasion. Wearing these rings appears to be a matter of personal taste or another piece of jewelry to add to your collection. 


The cost of customizing a family crest ring is largely determined by your budget. A simple blank metal bevel can be used as the family crest ring, which is a stunning fashion choice in and of itself.

But if you want to do it most traditionally, Family crest ring engraving is also a good option to put a more meaningful symbol on it. A meaningful crest, a monogram, or a special symbol are examples of these. Family crest rings can be carved with a variety of designs and images. There are no right or wrong answers here; the decision is entirely yours.

There are many metals to choose from when it comes to family crest rings, as well as semi-precious stones that can be added to the bevel and then carved with the insignia of your choice.


When it comes to the ring's shape, here are the most popular six that have stood the test of time:

  • Round - The round bevel on this elegant and traditional ring is the most traditional. The ring's size can be adjusted according to your preferences.
  • Straight Oval - It's the most common family crest ring shape, and it's simple for the engraver to work with.
  • Cushion - This was a popular shape during the Victorian era, and it is the second most popular style after the straight oval.
  • Bulbous Oval - Large, heavy family crest rings with a more traditional appearance are referred to as this. These are chunky and have large sides.
  • Oxford - For some sophistication, use a classic four-sided style with compact squares and rounded corners.
  • Octagon - The octagon family crest ring, with its eight sides, is unique and has a very geometric appearance. It's a fantastic modern look.

You can pick from a variety of metals in addition to shapes. There is an exquisite selection of precious metals to suit everyone's taste and style. This is where you can personalize your family crest ring. From the metal you choose to the ring's design, it's all up to you. All of them are made by hand by skilled family crest rings makers.

  • Yellow Gold - For family crest rings and other jewelry, this metal is the more traditional option. Yellow gold, like other precious metals, is a metal alloy because pure gold is too soft to be made into a ring.
  • Rose Gold - is a modern precious metal that's also known as red or pink gold. A copper, yellow gold, and platinum alloy create a rosy color.
  • White Gold - is made up of a combination of yellow gold, silver, and palladium. The color of white gold is brushed silvery-gray with yellow undertones. We use it because it is the strongest and heaviest metal we have.
  • Silver - is a valuable metal that is produced as a by-product of the refining of zinc, copper, lead, and gold. It is widely favored due to its versatility and color.
  • Platinum - keeps its natural color throughout its life, making it ideal for sentimental jewelry. This is the most valuable of the precious metals. It's almost twice as heavy as 14-carat gold and won't tarnish.


For thousands of years, family crest rings have been used to denote ownership and status. They are now primarily worn for their symbolic value. Family crest rings make a wonderful gift for a special occasion or event in someone's life. It is possible to engrave a family crest on the ring, which is a common practice. If you're giving it to your partner, a friend, a brother, a son, or a close family member, a family crest ring is certain to be a gift they'll treasure.

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