What is a Signet Ring and How to Wear Them?

"Unlocking the Mysteries of Signet Rings: A Guide to Understanding and Wearing Them with Style"

    A signet ring is a special type of ring. It has history behind it: royalty and important people wore it to denote their status and ‘sign’ documents. They passed it down as family heirlooms. In some cases, they even destroyed it when the owner died to prevent duplicates.

    The signet ring consists of a ring with a flat surface. This is engraved with the seal and feature special designs such as family crests unique to the wearer. These can be made out of a variety of materials. The most popular is the gold signet ring.

    Gold signet rings are elegant and opulent. They convey wealth, lineage, and tradition.  This was the jewelry of choice for those of the upper class like kings, bishops, and nobles.

Gold signet ring

Who Wears A Signet Ring?

    Back in the olden days, men normally wore these. These served as a way for them to sign documents without using a signature.

    The men’s signet ring was a popular piece of jewelry that was both functional and fashionable. It began as simple rings, but as years passed, turned increasingly elaborate. You can usually find one in old paintings and pictures of important people.

   Women’s signet rings were also usually made of gold and was decorated with gemstones and embellished with the family crest. These were smaller and daintier. You were part of an upper-class family if you had one.

    Up until today, many of those who belong in the upper echelons of society still wear one of these.

    So, can anyone wear a signet ring? Even if they’re not from a noble family or come from wealth? The answer is yes!

    Today, a signet ring is more decorative than practical. However, it still serves as a striking piece of fashion. Men and women of any age and status can wear this piece of jewelry! Nowadays, there are a lot of designs available. You can customize it however you like.

    Choose an engraving that has a personal meaning for you. You can also choose what metal it is made of- we recommend the gold signet ring. Whatever your preferences, you’re sure to find what you like.

Wear a signet ring

How Do You Wear A Signet Ring?

    So now you have a one; perhaps designed for men, or a signet ring for women. You’ve customized it to your liking and you can’t wait to put it on. How do you wear it?

    The pinky finger of the non-dominant hand is the traditional place of signet rings. Wear it on the right pinkie finger for left-handed people and vice versa. You can also wear it on the fourth finger of the hand in another style. Wearers sometimes placed atop the marriage or engagement ring if there is one, but You may also choose to place it on the thumb or pointer finger.

    Your signet ring is a piece of jewelry that says a lot about you. It will show your family, personality, and style. Always be sure to wear it with confidence. This is always a good investment to make.

    It will lend an aura of sophistication to your whole persona. It could be a life-changer depending on how you wear it. Get one today!

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