Why Are Zales Diamonds So Cheap?


Buying an engagement ring is quite an important choice to make. Most probably you will get only one chance to propose to your special one. This is why you should be careful and choosy when you are shopping for an engagement ring. An unreliable jewelry company can meddle with the most significant day of your life. 

The thing is especially some online jewelry stores can sometimes be misleading. Say you fell in love with a diamond engagement ring that you saw on an online jewelry store. The image of the product is shiny and perfect. The price? Just so affordable and there is a huge sale too! And you consider yourself lucky to find a stunning diamond engagement ring at such a price! Then in order not to miss the sale, you purchase the ring. 

It is a nice story so far, isn’t it? Well, the bad news is there is a big chance that you might be getting scammed.

So, even the thought of purchasing the sign of your love from an unreliable company is scary. Yet, some jewelry companies still find the loopholes to trap you and get away with it. If we come back to our main question, tell me why are Zales diamonds so cheap?

Zales Review

Generally speaking, when it comes to diamond rings, shockingly low prices mean one thing: worst quality. In light of this, let’s review why and how Zales sells diamond rings at seemingly “low prices”. 

If you ever noticed, most of the diamonds used in their pre-set engagement rings are not graded by a reliable lab like AGS or GIA. Moreover, when you look closely, the clarity ratings of the diamonds do not tend to challenge the top of the list. 


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