Why Is Blue Nile So Cheap?

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If you have been looking for a diamond engagement ring or a special piece of jewelry, you might have noticed that some online jewelry retailers have significantly lower prices than the others. Blue Nile is one of them. They offer diamonds at up to 40% lower prices. Why is Blue Nile so cheap? You should take a look at this review before buying a piece of jewelry from Blue Nile.

Buying an engagement ring from an online jewelry store can actually be both stressful and easier. It has its advantages like;

  • You can shop from the comfort of your home
  • You can compare the prices of different jewelry retailers
  • You can find more options

However, buying a piece of jewelry, especially diamonds, can also be quite risky. How?

  • Images of the jewelry can be misleading
  • You may get scammed

There are tons of online jewelry retailers, but some of them like Blue Nile are more under the spotlight. The popularity of an online jewelry retailer may depend on lower prices, more options, reliability, etc. So, what makes Blue Nile so popular? 

Blue Nile is one of the largest online diamond retailers. They offer prices up to 40% lower than traditional jewelry stores. Obviously, the reason for the popularity of Blue Nile is because of its affordable prices. Yet, can you trust Blue Nile to purchase a diamond ring? You can answer this question yourself by simply learning why Blue Nile is so cheap.

Why is Blue Nile So Affordable? 

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Blue Nile’s diamonds are so cheap because they are completely web-based. It means that they do not have a brick and mortar jewelry store. This way they operate their business at lower margins. So, they can market their diamonds at lower prices and sell more with the income.

Is Blue Nile Reliable?

If you are asking yourself “can I trust Blue Nile?”, many good reviews suggest that you can. All the diamonds on Blue Nile are GIA certified and carefully inspected in person by a gemologist. 

Besides, Blue Nile uses the Kimberly Process which is a well-known tracking method of diamonds. This means that they can pinpoint the source of their diamonds. That is to say, they know the exact mine the diamond comes from before they market it. 

Apart from these facts, Blue Nile has a wide range of options and an extensive diamond inventory that allows you to compare prices and quality. 

To sum up, considering the reasons mentioned here, web-based online stores are not always instituted by scammers and there are many online jewelry stores, including but not limited to the Blue Nile, where you will be able to access custom made pieces of jewelry.

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