Why You Should Wear Personalized but not Standard Jewelry

Designs of most jewelry found at stores are based on generic preferences mostly shared by admirers of jewelry across the globe. They are made in accordance with certain standards, and in fact, lacking any uniqueness or some level of personalization other than choice of the material based on budget.

Your Favorite Design in Any Color

On the other hand, even the color of a piece of jewelry could be the most valued aspect for a buyer and even though it is not possible to purchase the favourite design in another color when choosing from a collection of standard jewelry, you have the possibility to order your custom made ring or necklace in various colors at Minimalist Designs.

From various karats of solid gold to .925 sterling silver, you may feel free to enjoy having your unique ring designed and delivered in different colors such as gold, rose gold, white gold, natural sterling or oxidized silver.


When It Comes to Gemstones

If you’re on a path to invest considerable amounts of resources, including time and money, on a ring that you’d like to wear, you could as well go for a ring with a precious gemstone or even a diamond ring. While doing so, it’s good to remember that diamonds without a color of light brown, yellow or gray are referred to as the fancy color diamonds. Indeed, many of these colored diamonds could potentially cost more than the colorless ones, taking into consideration that they have a bit of red or blue hue in their nature. Certain diamonds can also be artificially colored through various methods of treatment including irradiation and temperature.


How About Diamonds?

And when it comes to diamonds, almost everyone is aware that its price will be determined by the amount and size of the flaws it has. But completely-flawless gemstones with no inclusions, i.e. the flaws inside the gem, and no bruises, i.e. the flaws on the face of the gem, are used in jewelry on a very rare basis since they have other uses, too. However, those gemstones which are also referred to as the internally-flawless ones tend to have no inclusions and rather insignificant bruises. Other grades of diamonds could have slight/minute inclusions which would not be easy to see with the naked eye.

The design of a gemstone depends on the individual stone and the type of treatment it may have undergone. Top-grade untreated gems are often the most highly-valued due to their potential in the market as not all jewelers have access to these kinds of gems. Precious gemstones are identified by their color as well as levels of clarity, transparency and their shape, meanwhile the beauty of a gemstone is important in addition to its shape and size.



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